Wally Plastic
, World Class Manufacturer of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Wally Plastic Co. Ltd is one of the world's leading disposable vinyl gloves manufacturers. Founded in 2001, we currently utilize 48 advanced production lines which can produce more than five billion gloves annually. Our headquarters and primary factory are located in Jinzhou City where we enjoy easy access to nearby railway and expressways as well as convenient routes to Tianjin port and Shijiazhuang airport.

Global Perspective

We at Wally Plastic share a global vision that along with medical and industrial development, more and more unknown technology adventure induces labor protection necessary and forced for each of us. We strive to build a trusty, comfortable and protective working environment for any glove user.

We are committed to producing high quality and low cost disposable vinyl gloves through innovating manufacturing technology and new product development.

And, we're not limited to only making vinyl gloves. We also assist our customers by providing a wide range of medical appliances and related home care products. If our customers need it, we're happy to help make it happen.

Demanding Quality Throughout